How do you get more users on your site?

(Illuminati Pirate) #1

I mainly use social media like reddit to get users on my site but it is very time consuming. This is my site

(Divesh Diggiwal #WTP) #2

What is your site niche?:face_with_monocle:

(Illuminati Pirate) #3


(Prashant R) #4

Wooo your website really looks like some hidden informative tank :open_mouth: i like it :slight_smile:

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(Expro Lab) #6

By sharing your content on social media or other social platforms, you can gain more visitors.

(Illuminati Pirate) #7

I know that i wanted to know other ways beside social media

(Manash) #8

Please update your theme it feels like it Haven’t updated since decades

(Illuminati Pirate) #9

No. Dude thats the point its suppose to be retro. Whats wrong with my theme??

(Shafi Khan) #10

Based on your niche, I don’t think typical social Media channels or Google will be useful for you.

Communities which discuss these things are your best bet - reddit, 4chan, dark web forums etc.

Once you’re well known, you won’t have to worry about promotion, people will come to you.

(Manash) #11

With that theme you bounce rate gonna be high because it looks ugly and not responsive.

(Illuminati Pirate) #12

You have no idea what your talking about my bounce rate is 50%. My target market enjoy the retor look what does YOUR blog look like?

(Manash) #13

Keep it up. :+1: Mine using generatepress.

(Mritunjay Yadav) #14

Easiest way to attract users to your site are
1-Blog Commenting
2-Forum Participation