How can I improve my website to get AdSense approved?

(Nirali Shah) #1

My website got rejected for Adsense with following reasons:

I am not in hurry to apply for AdSense again but could you please suggest what changes should I do to my website to get AdSense approved?

When I asked on Adsense help forum, one Adsense expert replied: "Adsense generally doesn’t accept coding and programming sites and related tutorials anymore."
Is that true?


(Shafi Khan) #2

In simplest words, your site has nothing new to offer. There are already tons of site which talk about the same topic and have similar tutorials available on the internet.

You should consider sticking to a more specific niche and focus on it only - to show that you’re an expert on that topic.

Read this thread about how @Ajay_Malik1 got AdSense approval.

Don’t know how true it is. But if you’ve a quality blog with unique content, you’ll be approved.

(Nirali Shah) #3

Thanks, @Shafi. I will try focusing on a more specific niche. Most of my posts are based on Java Swing. I can focus on it. I have two more questions:

  1. is it required to have some minimum number of posts to get approval?
  2. Is it necessary to have categories or menu because it is difficult to categorize if I focus on such a specific niche.

(Ajay Malik) #4

Thanks @Shafi to suggesting By Post.
Hi @Nirali_Shah, I Have some Ideas about your Privacy Policy Pages and about us page:
1.) Just Write Your Privacy policy in natural language like tell people that you’re against copying content, pirated material, pornographic content and violent content. Tell people that from where you get your images like (Canva, screenshot, freepik) and where codes came from. Just keep it simple and natural also include why your use ads, email and analytics. Don’t use any tool to make this.
2.) In About Us page, Tell people about your Real Name, address and link to atleast two social profile of your own name.
3.) In Your Posts, Make Sure you don’t post code only, I one Disapprove for same reason. Rather than posting whole code. Use content to explain it line by line. Adsense Love Content rich Posts
I recommend you to don’t posts codes until you get adsense approval.

(Shafi Khan) #5

There’s no specific requirement but it is advised to have 15-20 high-quality content before applying.

Having menu and categories will make user navigation easier and improves overall site architecture. Write down all the content ideas and try to find a common pattern between them. You’ll get an idea about sub-categories.

(Nirali Shah) #6

Thanks, @Ajay_Malik1. I will implement your ideas about the privacy policy and about page. I’ll also try to explain instead of posting the whole code.

(Nirali Shah) #7

Thanks, @Shafi I’ll try doing this.

(Zubair Akhtar) #9

My website was rejected due to following reason

Can you suggest how can I improve my site to apply for adsense again.