How can i edit Permalink edit?

(madhu uray) #1

this is my article link. I can’t able to remove 2018/05/05 in permalink. how can i edit that?

(JioH) #2

Madhu Uray, you can not change the permalink of a particular blog post.

Change permalink via Wordpress → Settings → Permalinks → Custome Structure.

(madhu uray) #3

thanks JioH.

(madhu uray) #4

can you check my privacy policy page?
i have already posted it but it is showing like this.

(Shouter) #5

Go to your Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks settings.
Change it to plain and then click on the save button Twice.
This should solve your problem.

(JioH) #6
  1. First, delete the old page from Wordpress Page list (…if already there. Else, follow the second point).

  2. Go to edit mode of this page. and change permalink to ‘PRIVACY-POLICY’.