How are you compensating for downfall in your Blog?

(FforFree) #1

Just curious to know considering some of us are full time bloggers, in which case How are you compensating for downfall in your Blog visitors intern reducing your revenue stream ?

(myilraj) #2

If you are a full-time blogger, never run your business with a single income stream.
Follow Warren Buffet Principle, he says, every individual should create at least 6 different income stream for their career.

So, if you running a single blog, consider starting another blog on different niche and slowly develop that blog too.

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Good thought, any specifics tips your follow in this regard.

(Blogger) #4

But warren buffet also says dont put all ur eggs in one basket. So if u r putting all ur eggs in blogging alone, then u will be in for a surprise if any other technology beats blogging. It can happen.

So do what warren buffett does - Invest in stocks. if u r a full time blogger, its quite easy. Just follow leads by leading stock broking agencies.

OR do something which is not connected to blogging. That ways, you are investing in 2 different technologies rather then only a single one. To be safe, u need 2 skills. Not one. To be successful, one skill is enough.

(myilraj) #5

Really very nice ideas @Hitesh_Bhasin bro.

What I thought was blogging for Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Services?
I though this way however while blogging, bloggers use to create Ebooks, Videos etc which can add additional income.

(FforFree) #6

Good thoughts Thanks Hitesh