High Time To [ START A TEAM ]

(Moderator) #22

Dark magic.

(The Devil) #23

Oh Crap…Don’t Disclose my Secret :sushing_face::sushing_face::sushing_face:

(Abdul Razak) #25

I’m interested… Like how many post per day ?

(The Devil) #26

PM me… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

(The Devil) #28

Sorry Dear.

Team has been made and We have started working on it :wink:

(The Devil) #30

I will surely tell you if we need Help.

(Moderator) #32

He just created the account to join you.

(Most Active Member of the Month) #33

Hello @Abhijeet1,
Sorry for being late, I wanna join your team. I wanna work with you. Please

(The Devil) #35

sorry we are full :frowning:

(Most Active Member of the Month) #36

Please add me

(The Devil) #58

I can’t you didn’t approced me when I posted this.
Now I have some really Talented and Expired members in my Team.

PS - Half of them are Not from India :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(#1 Member) #59

Is there any opportunity left? Please I also want to join the team…

(The Devil) #61

Sorry Dear.
But only for you,
You can invest 1000$ dollar in my project and get exclusive entry plus 30% of the shares.

(#1 Member) #66

Expired members??:joy:

(The Devil) #67

Lol I can not edit that.
Sorry for the typo I was on mobile.
@Mayank help with your Mod powers

(Abhishek Pathak) #68

Are you guys the star cast of Pitchers 2?

(The Devil) #69

Who knows we could be :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

(Moderator) #70

Are you Naveen?

(The Devil) #71

Okay, I didn’t want to disclose this earlier.
We are teaming up to beat Thanos.

Guess what?
I am Iron Man

(Moderator) #72

i hope you are not planning to compete with me :stuck_out_tongue: