Google and Indian traffic

(kelvin) #1

Why does Google treat Indian Web traffic with so much disdain? with 1million traffic from India you will not even get upto a $1 CPM/CPC margin

(Rahman Tutul) #2

Not only India, Fakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka.

(kelvin) #3

The situation is so disheartening

(JioH) #4

CPC rate is low for Indian publisher. Whereas it depends on the chosen field also. Higher CPC for the health-related site, then technology, and then lower CPC for SMS/quote site. Just example.

(Peter) #5

Most of South Asia and South East Asia countries :frowning:

(kelvin) #6

But why is it so

(FforFree) #7

Agree Google treat Asian countries with least priority…

(Shouter) #8

See, the clear reason.
There are limited no. of advertisers for countries like India.
But there are a lot of people who are applying for programs like AdSense.
Hence, the result is low CPC and CPM.

(kelvin) #9

@Moderator I think I get the big picture now, its still the usuall give n take business…

(ravi shankar) #10

if you have 1million traffic then go with revcontent, sometimes revcontent out performers adsense.

(JioH) #11

Supply > Demand.

(Peter) #12

Correct, and one more, there’re many cheaters living in these countries :(, so Google treats them untrust and unworthy

(Rahman Tutul) #13

Hahaha. Brother what is the relation between Cheaters and Traffic

(ravi shankar) #14

its true