Generatepress VS Mythemeshop: Which one is the best?

(Olabiyi Abdul Malik) #1

Hi, Recently I installed Schema Lite (Free version) on my blog, my contents get crawled faster on Google search engines.

So you know, free theme doesn’t make a blog professional. I need a premium theme.

I checked themes, they look great but costly, then a friend recommended Generate press.

So my point now is that, If I purchase generatepress($39)will they crawl my content faster and will everything be normal or I should buy from my themeshop($59)?

(Saksham Kumar) #2

I don’t think themes affect crawl rate unless you have restricted something…

Crawl rate will be same for every theme.

(Olabiyi Abdul Malik) #3

Tell me, Generatepress or Mythemeshop?

(Shafi Khan) #4

My vote goes to GeneratePress. I shifted to GeneratePress from MyThemeShop last month and my experience is amazing.

Load speed is faster and user experience is amazing which should help in SEO.

(Olabiyi Abdul Malik) #5

Please can you give me your URL? I need to check the theme fitness and other things. Thanks in advance.

(Shafi Khan) #6

Here it is -

(Olabiyi Abdul Malik) #7

Wao, it looks good and fast as you’ve said. Great. Do you bought the premium version?

(Shafi Khan) #8

Yes. Free version doesn’t allow much changes and it costs only $39.95.

(Ganesh) #9

Copy their CSS and paste in GeneratePress :stuck_out_tongue: