Free email collector plugin for wordpress

(Rakesh) #1

Hello every one,

Please suggest me free wordpress email collector? is this only for email collection or can we send our post updates? Please suggest me how to setup it. I am a newbie.

Thank You.

(Shafi Khan) #2

You can use a combination of SumoMe and MailChimp. Use SumoMe to create attractive forms & collect email address. MailChimp to send your updates to the list.

Or you can use MailChimp only but the forms won’t be very advanced or good looking.

(Rakesh) #3

thank you Shafi khan

can you suggest me any tutorial or post ?

(Nirmal Kumar) #4

Sumome and Mailchimp are some good tools for email marketing.

If you find it difficult to manage email marketing and sending updates, then you can simply choose Jetpack. You can use it’s widget to add subscription form to your website and it automatically sends updates for all new blog posts.

(Shafi Khan) #5

This may help -

(Rakesh) #6

Thank you.