Flipkart affiliate program crucial change


Just got this link from a friend and here to share about this.

I’m also using Flipkart Affilite from 3+ years but there is no such mails received from Flipkart or any communication from the affiliate manager.

You can use my affiliate or any friend without limits if you are going out of budget.



This model will be introduced from June 2018 only.
Don’t worry soon you will also get limited budget . :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the budget they have given to you.


What does this statement mean


It means every month different fixed budget will be provided to everyone.

New affiliate registrations has also closed at flipkart.

We have currently paused new affiliate registrations w.e.f. 5th May 2018 until further notice while we work on developments and improvements to the FAP(Flipkart Affiliate Program) platform.


Me and my friend received similar email and limit is only 2500 for June month.


Flipkart will soon go to garbage bin, there is no good deals or discounts and there affiliate program sucks…


Anybody can clear me this condition is applicable only on individual affiliate account or organization also.


This is the stupidest thing i have heard. And dont worry. Flipkart will do this but others wont.

The role of an affiliate is to be a salesman of the company. If a salesman brings good sales, then he receives incentives. Now the company is saying, we dont want more sales and we wont give incentives! So thats stupid. People will move over to amazon or others.

And this is NOT walmart. I dont think walmart will make any such move. This is probably accounts team trying to close “LIABILITIES OF FLIPKART” before the sale to walmart. Close down the outstandings to a level before walmart takes over.


It is applicable to both.


They will reap the benefits all past promotion and links that have been created by affiliates in all these years , this will bring in good profit as they don’t need to pay affiliates much.

But affiliates trust on Flipkart trust is gone.


Now it’s time to handshake with other networks.


Anyone got the budget for June 2018 ?

In June 2018 budget mail they have mentioned that :

Kindly note that we will be monitoring the category mix of the orders which you will be driving for us. Our focus remains towards Electronic Accessories, Books and General Merchandise, Home and Furniture. Your July month’s performance will enable us to allocate more refined budgets going forward.

So they simply don’t want affiliates to promote mobiles, laptops and appliances .

It’s time for everyone to shop promoting flipkart .


I am wondering if this fixed budget rule applies to big players as well link coupondunia and grabon. :thinking::thinking:


Yes got this email, Flipkart affiliate want us to promote other categories like home and furniture . And as per email it looks like if we promote mentioned categories they will increase our budget in coming months based on performance.

Mobile and TV already top selling items so it’s excluded in the list mentioned.


I guess Flipkart’s affiliate story is over now. Publishers should no longer promote Flipkart. My average earnings were approx. 10K and now they’ve given the budget of 2100. They mentioned that if you exceed this budget they will not be liable for any money in excess of my budget.

That’s cheating really…and they said please let us know in case of any concerns


Got the below message on my Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard:

“Kindly note that we haven’t allocated any earning referral fees for July’18 to this account hence request to pause your campaigns this month.”

Anyone else, got the same message?

I was totally promoting the Flipkart products through my website earlier, now I am gonna leave them :rage: Instead, I’ll try to promote other networks like Amazon.


Will flipkart continue to do like this in future too? What’s your thought?


Got the same message :frowning:


Now, how can I remove all affiliate links of Flipkart? Manually?