Flipkart affiliate program crucial change


Flipkart just sent this , they are changing their affiliate model.

Have you got this email ?

Flipkart Affiliate is DEAD?

It means only you can make maximum Rs.31500? Is it?


Yes , this is fucked up.


What amount you were making each month? #Walmart is doing this all


It doesn’t matter what amount people are making , putting a cap like this.

This is the first in affiliate , soon others will follow.


Just wanted to know, were you making greater than that cap amount? And when did you got this mail. This is absolutely pathetic


They are testing it. It is just for june. Let’s see how it goes. They won’t do that forever, else no publisher will write anything about flipkart and would only write about amazon, which will kill flipkart something similar to snapdeal


Got the email today , My amount doesn’t matter.

Has anyone else got same email ?


Most of the people here I suppose donot promote all these Indian programs like Flipkart because of low conversion and commissions. Otherwise that is a wrong step by them for sure and they will notice the results soon


I see.

What are the popular affiliate programs here ?


Not sure what others are promoting but I think you must try

  1. Shareasale
  2. CJ
  3. Amazon.com and other amazon programs ( donot promote asian ones )
  4. Growsumo is also one of my favourite


Going forward this is will be new normal in all affiliate programs in India, this is not coming from Walmart this is coming from over Government looters who dont want anyone to get rich overnight without paying them taxes…


they Limited it to Approx 8% Off your Previous Month Earning :frowning: :frowning:
I think we should unite against it


Cuelinks has also paused Flipkart CPS , they have put a cap there also.


I think flipkart is done with their affiliate program.


inka bhi Snapdeal Jaisa Haal hona hai …


They have sent mail regarding this in April 2018 as well :slight_smile:


As the FY 2018-19 has kicked in, we have been allocated newly fixed budgets for every month. To meet the numbers assigned, we will be splitting the spends for our Top Partners month-on-month.

We will be floating RO to each affiliate on a monthly basis, wherein the budget allocated to you for Month-2018 will be mentioned, so request you to pace your campaigns accordingly.


Now every month they will give different target to everyone :frowning:


So, you can’t earn more than the fixed budget?


yes true.
May be they are giving fixed budget to selected affiliates only.
Has anyone else got this mail for fixed budget?

Shubham_Garg bro could you please send me a DM.
New to discuss few things.


Please see for FY 2018-19, Affiliate marketing has been allocated newly fixed budgets every month. To meet the numbers assigned from the Org, we are splitting the spends for Partners month-on-month.

Kindly do not exceed this budget allocation and pace your campaigns accordingly, commissions exceeding the RO limit will not be eligible for payment.

Also going forward, we will be communicating an RO kind of a model every month so that we are able to optimise on the spends distribution from beginning of the month.

Thanks and Regards,
Flipkart Affiliate Team