Facebook like campaign

(Acha bacha :)) #21

Upload some videos, boost them and your page will rock.

(Arshi) #22

I can’t even edit the campaign. Some bug, maybe.

(Sudip) #23

And avoid texts on image. It’s recommended by Facebook

(Arshi) #24

No text on images. God knows what’s the problem.

(Ankit Jindal) #25

hey bro where frm u got 10-15 like for 1 rs. inbox tell me details

(Peter) #26

I think the price for each like depends on your target audiences, your content, your image. If you have attracted content and target to right audiences, then the price will be low.

(Endy Uzo) #28

Bro just promote your post through your page, ok. like campaign is very expensive now

(Cavain LEE) #31

Boost posts it will give you more reach. Kasam