Facebook like campaign

(Jithendar Dharmapuri) #1

Hi im planning to run a fb likes campaign fo my page with 3000 budget. Hoe many like i get for that budget. And suggest me how to optimize the campaign…

(Sudip) #2

Boost posts…you will get more likes

(Blog Virals) #3

i have 3 pages which have thousand of likes . some are boosted pages & some are organic .

But main things is organic page is taking time to grow , but if you want to grow your page threw boost then its growing fast.

But if you boost your page with right way means best setting then you got 18 k to 20 k likes from 3000 budget.

(Vardhan Hrishi) #4

Agree on your thought…!

(Jithendar Dharmapuri) #5

Can yu tell me best settings??

(Blog Virals) #6

i am not able to explain here , because it is little bit big setting , but once done then you got maximum likes on your page.

(Arshi) #7

I promoted my page on FB and I’m getting 1 like for 1 rupee.

(Sudip) #8

It’s very expressive.lol
I got 10-15 likes for 1 rupee

(Arshi) #9

lol seriously! I won’t spend any money on FB now.
Once even I got several likes for just 40 rupees. That tempted me and I invested more money on FB. And since then, I’m getting this.

(Sudip) #10


(Blog Virals) #11

in 40 rupees you will able to get 1500 likes with one secret formula.

(Arshi) #12

And what is the formula?

(Jithendar Dharmapuri) #13

Let us know the formula…

(FforFree) #14

Its not about getting likes, its getting likes which matter to you and which you can retain, so better target within your niche… whats the use getting likes and then after sometime they dislike or even better never engage…

(Blog Virals) #15

Kanth king this is only good in article , but in practical way it is different .

(FforFree) #16

Practical and article is different for every blogger, it depends on how successful they are…

(braingroom) #17

I get 200+ likes for Rs.100. I set the campaign age group is 18 -35 and I mention my near by locations. I target with depending upon my business. my business is about education so I add college, school, parents and some other I get every day extra likes.

(Arshi) #18

Okay, so I think I’m making some mistakes in my campaigning.

(Arshi) #19

19 likes for Rs. 26. Why does Facebook hate me?

(Sudip) #20

Try it:
Age 14-40
Location: India ( Nepal is also very good to get more likes for less money)
Leave interest section as blank.