Facebook ads which best offer with any blog

(shafi kasmani) #1

I have fb ads and I have cpa network looks like maxbounty or peerfly other etc… They converts when I make blog? Or I will make landing page?

(Ajay Malik) #2

I once Try them By making a landing page with few words and an offer but they ban me. and I’m still banned from accessing Facebook ads.

You can try Quora Ads and Bing Ads for max conversion. I’ve read many reviews from many people on all forums that Bing ads for blog are highly targeted.
Quora ad also have many positive Reviews from blogger

(Saksham Kumar) #3

They are but only for some specific categories as only a limited number of people use Bing.

(Peter) #4

Why didn’t you use Google Adwords instead of Bing Ads? I used to use Bing Ads before but it’s hard to manage and confuse.

(shafi kasmani) #5

how long did you use fb ads?

(shafi kasmani) #6

yes but bing ads allowed affiliate links!

(Ajay Malik) #7

I was banned when I made my second Ad. Because I don’t read there T & C

(Peter) #8

I’ve been using FB Ads as well as GG Adwords for 6,7 years

(shafi kasmani) #9

which vertical on fb ads?

(Peter) #10

what did you mean “vertical”?

(Blogs Virals) #11

if you ban then send appeal

(shafi kasmani) #12

vertical offers means looks like which niches category

(Peter) #13

I see. I’m working on many niches: tech, mobile, general, education,…