Effect of 1st August 2018 google search algorithms update


My organic traffic is decreased about 15% after this update. Is there anyone who got increase in organic traffic after August 1, 2018.
Please share your views to recover and fix the same.


Traffic decreased…But as per google employ, it seems the update rolls out till mid of next week. So wait for more changes to have clear idea.


Today my traffic started recovering from the August update. I see a good improvement compared to yesterday.


I have also noticed traffic drop around 15-18 %.:persevere:
Adsense earning also dropped to 1/3 of my usual. :sweat:
This is the first time i have noticed such major Google update effect. :scream:
Anybody know why this happened ??


Hey Everyone!
Be Calm. Traffic drops and hikes are quite common these days. You should not bother enough if the variation of hikes or drops is less than 30-40%. But you can always check for if there is anything that bars your overall growth. You should start working building new keyword targeting and SEO strategies. If you are already following some strategy, try some thing new and begin experimenting.
These updates will keep on rolling out and such changes are for a better search.
Don’t worry and do the best you people can do.


About 16.5% organic traffic lost after this update.
Does this update affect only finance and healthcare sites and blogs or blogs in other niche are also affected please share?


@denharsh can you share the effect of this update on shoutmeloud.com.


I would like to know that too


I didn’t see the change but my site’s traffic seems increase a little bit.


My organic traffic doubled most probably with this update only


Stays almost the same.


9% down in 1 week and decrease continue…
Can you suggest anything to fix it


Authenticity and trust would play a major role. According to few research I have read, these two factors played the major role this time.

Here are few things that you could do-

Ensure you have an about , contact page
Make sure to add all the elements of authenticity
Read about dwell time and improve it if its low
Improve the internal linking structure
Fix all broken links
Remove outdated content

Try this and let us know your result in next 4-6 weeks.


My traffic dropped on August first and then continued till 3rd. Later increased after fixing couple of things which you suggested today. :wink:


Been hearing this is about author trust in health and finance niches… but draxe, cnet and patient.info have lost almost 40% traffic too.


can you explain?


Your traffic likely settled by itself… fluctuations went on till 8th or 9th for many fyi. Happened to me too.


Look this how it improved on August 7th.


I got many spam links, so disavowed them. My spam link list increased from 118 to 480 links.


which tool you use to check spam links?