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Can I place 2 adds on my post and 1 add on my main page of blog that is home page or 3 adds on post?please tell me.

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Please create a new thread

(kelvin) #128

Don’t do what others are doing be unique, try something different

(Annabell Nickel) #130

Your content strategy is great, but I’m off to bring something useful to the reader, so this content should follow the trend to be able to attract more traffic, I do not know you have. Apply trending content? If so, which tool do you use to track high traffic keywords?
For example, I used Google Trends to capture user trends


Hello Prithviraj,
I am also working on my hindi Blog from Oct 2017 but traffic is very less.
If I will write only great content it will work for y hindi Blog.

(Pruthviraj Patil) #135

I would like everyone to ask yourselves a questions -

If you are starting a Hindi blog - how many blogs do you visit are in Hindi??
If you are starting a hindi blog - is it an affiliate or ad based.

I’m not more knowledgeable in ad based blogging but in affiliate I’m!

So ask yourself you are into Hindi affiliate blog how many times have you visited any other similar blog and have made an affiliate purchase??

If you are starting an evommerce website ask how many times have you bought an product online other than Flipkart Amazon eBay shopclues ??

Just ask did any of your friends got any purchases?? Or is interested in the topic you choose??

But this is what I’m saying ??

If you’re choosing Hindi as a language then you are limiting your blog! How because your blog will be only readable in India and some Arab countries!!

But if you choose English as a language you would be recognised all over!!

Now here is an answer to the question you are looking for??

It doesn’t matter if you write a good and the best article!! To gain the audience because there might be two reasons what you are doing is wrong!

  1. You don’t have enough authority or seo!!

  2. You are wrtiting articles where nobody is searching for!!

If you are writing an article on best door knobs ?? Then clearly nobody searches for it!

Even if you are writing for best mobile to buy?? Because there are very authorities blogs claiming the spot!!

So you will have to find the reason why aren’t you getting any traffic!!

(Professional Blogger) #136

I have told her earlier. Hindi blog doesn’t have any scope. People read my blog in 125-135 countries every day because the language of the blog is English.

(Professional Blogger) #137

I want to add one more thing. Are you born to be a blogger?
Don’t participate in the race of blogging if you don’t have deep knowledge of any subject or a command on English language. Don’t start blogging because your friends are doing or you read an article on the internet “how to earn money on the internet”. Everone is not born to blog.
Recognize your talent and choose the area of working accordingly.
I am not demotivating you but motivating to choose better for you.

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@Pruthviraj_Patil hello I also have amazon website which is making $$$ monthly I am looking to increase it. I will follow this guide hope it will help me too.

Do you have facebook profile if yes then please mention :smiley: I would love to add you on facebook.

(Mithun Samanta) #139

Can we bring paid traffic by running facebook paid ad campaign of the blog in which we put the amazon affiliate link inside content?

(mamoon) #140

Yes you can.

(Mithun Samanta) #141


So it is very nice because facebook ads are very much targeted.

But will I have to show FTC affiliate disclosure in case of US country targeting in my blog post?

(The Devil) #142

As far I know it’s against Amazon’s policy.

(Himadri Subrah Saha) #143

Wow… this is awesome. I am still looking for my first affiliate sale and you have already sold more than $5000 via affiliate links. Congratulations!! Keep up all the hard work. Thank You.

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Abhe <snip> bana raha hai…:slight_smile: how come $5000 with average daily visitors 4k+…

Mods note: The slang word has been removed and replaced with snip.

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Well used Inspect Element…:slight_smile:

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You have zero idea how affiliate works. The commission on expensive product is extremely high, mate.

Mods warning: Don’t use the slang words again.

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Congratulations, :ok_hand:

(Praveen) #148

hai Pruthvi bro congratualtions… i am new to this work…i am planning to start a blog…could you please share your blog link here…so that i can get a clear idea…is affiliating really works?

(ashly) #149

Is yours is niche site? Is that a tech niche?