Does organic traffic matter in adsense approval?

(Ashish Tamori) #1

I applied almost 7 times …but my Adsense application is still rejecting, I didn’t know what the reason behind it. suggest me something

(sanu) #2

I have applied 8 times since last month and always the same response “Policy Violation”

It was so easy earlier. But now I Think they are considering traffic also…

(Saksham Kumar) #3

Nope! I applied with a brand new website with one post of more than 7000 words with zero traffic and my application was approved in a day.

(sanu) #5

I have no idea how my site violets their policies. Each post is about 1500 words long and unique.

(Ashish Tamori) #6

Can i check out that website …if u don’t mind brother @Saksham_Kumar

(Saksham Kumar) #7

Yes. But my site was very professional. No spam was there. Like a proper premium looking and well designed site.

(myilraj) #8

The traffic doesn’t matter in Adsense approval.
Refer: Terms and Conditions for Adsense Approval?

(Ishwara Bhat) #9

I had original content and low traffic. It got rejected several times. Then I realized that their code I had not put in page headers and footers. It was only in posts. Google tool did not find enough content in spite of having lot of content.

(Ashish Tamori) #10

I placed that code @Ishwara.Bhat already on header…

(BiLal ) #11

No traffic required for Google Adsense approval
my blog get approved by Google ADsense with very low amount of visitors.(most of was from backlinks no organic)

(It Smart Tricks) #12

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