Does anyone know what footer plugin this is?

(morshi skii) #1

I have seen this footer plugin on many sites not sure which one it is. Can someone please tell me the name of it, if you know.

(Shafi Khan) #2

Are you talking about AdSense ad? These are called mobile level ads and you can enable it in your AdSense dashboard.

The one you’re referring to is called Anchor ads.

(morshi skii) #3

Nope, i am not referring to adsense ads. Nor are these anchor ads.

What plugin is this? That enables you to add adsense ads on the footer with the close button

(Acha bacha :)) #4

this is not page level ads.

(Acha bacha :)) #5

Is this a AMP page?

(morshi skii) #6

Yup its an AMP page.

(Shafi Khan) #7

Ohh sorry I misunderstood.

(Acha bacha :)) #8

cool, then it is AMPForWP’s Ads plugin extension feature. Works only on AMP pages:

(Acha bacha :)) #9

Sticky ads like this aren’t allowed on AdSense, so you need AdX. People use it in AMP pages because of low revenue.

(morshi skii) #10

Crap, only for AMP? I wanted to give it a shot to see if it increases my CTR

(Acha bacha :)) #11

you gotta find a way to implement it in theme itself for normal pages.

(morshi skii) #12

There is a plugin in the advanceads, you buy the addon, i tried it out but it isn’t as good as the one i shared above.

(Acha bacha :)) #13

I have used this and it works.

(morshi skii) #14

Does it have a close button option?

(Acha bacha :)) #15

yes, and the close button is very large lol.

(morshi skii) #16

I am going ti try it out later and report back how it performed :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks man