Do we have good career in Digital Marketing,if yes what would be the package


Give me your valuable suggestions,i heard future scope is good


investments in Digital Marketing Increasing Year by Year so Yes You will have good future


Of course. More and more people are getting in to the digital world and the businesses need to target those users digitally/ online. You may need to learn new trends, technologies etc. Package depends on the experience, the location, the company etc.

Another interesting factor- once you master the skills, it is very easy to be a freelancer, consultant or even to start your own digital marketing agency.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:



check on glassdoor as well job opening which mentions salary details



Every business needs a Digital marketer because more than 55% population uses Social media nowadays. So Future of a Digital Marketer is Good.

On the other hand, you asked about salary package so my friend as a digital marketer you can earn beyond your thinking because here either you work for a company or start your own business. That’s the power of Digital Marketing.

But before entering Digital Marketing field I Suggest you please gain enough knowledge.


Every year we are moving towards the digital world. So, yes the opportunities are waiting for you. You just need to grab it and move on towards a better version of yourself. No one is perfect in Digital Marketing, so keep improving yourself. And about package, it all depends upon your work experience and knowledge domain. Moreover, the best part of Digital Marketing is that you can work from home and you don’t need to work under some authorized boss.