Do i really need to pay for seo?



Just have a quick question, when I was paying SEO guy my website ranking on Alexa was improving and I’ve stop doing that from past few months my ranking has been continuously dipping and from 5th page on google now I’m on 8th page.

What should I do to improve that or shall I hire him again?

Here is the website link:
dreamworkphotography. com
Here is the Alexa ranking: dreamworkphotography. com


How much were you paying for your SEO, FYI… I have not paid a single penny on SEO on any of my blogs till date and most of my blogs are within Alexa 500K. distinct content is the main ingredient in SEO…


He was charging 10k. That’s what few people suggested that do some research and I’ll be able to save that extra 10k.

I’ve read few article on shout me loud and have written content accordingly. But still no luck.


It really depends on the work that you have and the guy who is doing the SEO. As SEO’s work is no child’s play. It’s difficult and requires time to rank a single article on first page against a good volume keyword. So of course you can’t replace a SEO professional by learning it yourself.

I would definitely hire that SEO professional back and meanwhile continue my learning. I would take a few courses and keep my self updated with the SEO tricks and hacks. Then, I would apply my knowledge and see if I am getting the results and if I am then I would stop paying my SEO and continue with my own strategy.


First of all alexa rank doesn’t depend on ranking. Do you check your Search Console. Is your traffic also dip in in that? OR You sales decrease?
There are two things that an SEO guy do. Either he make backlinks for your website. But Even if leave his work backlink still remain and ranking doesn’t drop. and other think which I do is he fix all Technical SEO and On-page error on your website.
What if your guy using a bot tool to bring fake traffic to your website which decrease your alexa ranking?
Must check all above factors


There are three main factors that determine your SEO success and they are:
Quality Content, Optimized site/blog, Decent Backlinks

These are the areas where most SEO’s work and hence you should find where your site is struggling.
Finding and fixing takes time and knowledge, and if you need some immediate money, then I would suggest to hire that SEO expert back again.

Else you learn some literature and start doing on your own.


Thank you Muhammed, whatever you said make sense. Will start working on it.


Thanks for sharing the knowledge, I’ll keep that in mind.


Thank you…I’m new to this SEO but I’m sure slowly gradually I’ll catch up the pace.