DMCA backlinks - What to Do?

(Kunal Gola) #1

I signed up on DMCA approx. 4 months ago. Now when I logged in to Google Webmaster Tools, and go to “links to your sites”, there are 7172 backlinks showing in which 6473 links are coming from dmca. com. Should I disavow them? Will it make any impact on SEO?

(Shouter) #2

Its all your wish to disavow them or not. By the way, most probably they wont hurt your site and its SEO.

(myilraj) #3

DMCA backlinks will not affect your site SEO however if you wish you can take down the link.
Remember just remove the code from your site and wait for a week or so, as the link will automatically removed from your list by Google.

Caution: Do not Disavow.