[Deal] 3 Premium Themes worth $167 from ThemePlanet

(Shafi Khan) #1

I was browsing Facebook when this offer’s ad popped up. So, ThemePlanet is giving away three premium themes worth $167 for free.

You just have to enter your email and download the freebies.

Here’s the official link - https://themeplanet.com

P.S. I’m in no way affiliated with ThemePlanet nor I’ve personally used the themes. I came across it and thought to share with you guys.

(kundan) #2

After entering the email id, there is no option for downloading…

(Saksham Kumar) #3

There is button in green “Download now”. Click on that to download!!

(BiLal ) #4

Thanks For Share @Shafi

(Nirmal Kumar) #5

Thanks for sharing @Shafi :ok_hand::ok_hand:

(kundan) #6

That was not showing on my mobile browser. BTW, thanks, I have downloaded that.