Can i use same images?

(Archana) #1

Can i use the same images repeatedly in all my articles? Is it plagiarized?

(Shafi Khan) #2

If you’ve created them, use them as many times you want. You don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

Image duplication isn’t an issue (yet).

(Archana) #3

Thanks for clearing my doubts @Shafi :+1::+1:

(myilraj) #4

I am using the same image for more than 5articles and I never faced any issues.

(Ajay Malik) #5

Yes You can Use but Affect your user experience, I recommend You to make New image for new article, Use tool like it take some minutes to create a graphic with these tools

(Pradipta Mandal) #6

I do use same images multiple times. It is not an issue.

(Archana) #7

Wow…its great idea…thanks @Ajay_Malik1

(Kaustubh Patel) #8

The best way to avoid duplicacy is to redirect your image url to post url. It mean the URL of the image will get redirected /linked to the post url.
In this case, if you use the same image more than one time then it will not create duplicate content.

Please Note: Even I am using one image more than one time (just to avoid Server Space). Till date no issuse faced due to this.

(Vamshi) #9

Yeah for sure.

(Archana) #10

Sounds execellent​:+1::+1::+1: Sure I will do it my blog…thanks for this info

(Dana) #11

To avoid image plagiarism, you can change the alt tag description each
time which will make it unique to your posts. If you are adding an image to your text without using HTML or URL of the image then no worries your image can’t be read by the crawler. If you are using same images in different articles to post on different sources, then make sure the policy of the sources allow you to do the same otherwise your post will be rejected due to the policy violation.

In such cases, you can add the same pictures in your articles by doing little alterations such as cropping the image, by making little changes on the background, increase or decrease the size of the image, etc.

(Archana) #12

Thanks for detailed explanation​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

(Davian Digital) #13

Yes you can use images as many times as you want if they were made by you.
In fact most news website do this when they don’t have images to use for their stories.