Buying Traffic for website

(Kings Nnagozie Iyoke) #1

Can anyone tell me the best affordable place to buy traffic? I need help because i want to buy a legit traffic. I don’t want to make a mistake and buy fake traffic.

(Rahman Tutul) #2

Try to bring the visitor from social media. I think it will be better for your site. Because after purchase visitor you can get a lot of visitors but for the certain time, not always. Everyone makes their website for a long time. And a certain time visitor never can give you a good result.

(Kings Nnagozie Iyoke) #3

Thanks for replying. So ur basically saying I should not bother purchasing traffic?

(Rahman Tutul) #4

Yeah.stop purchase.

(Ganesh) #5

Hire a digital marking agency or run Facebook/AdWords ads.

(Santa) #6

I think you should do more of Social media marketing. I don’t know what niche you website is, but Facebook and Twitter should help

(Sandy Kris) #7

If you want to buy traffic then just run a campaign on social media like Facebook and twitter etc, but don;t buy traffic from anyone.

(Kings Nnagozie Iyoke) #8

Ok. So you’re suggesting i should pay only on Facebook campaign ads

(Kings Nnagozie Iyoke) #9

Alryt thanks