Best time to write?

(Shashank Shekhar) #1

Hello all…
Lately I’ve been struggling in writing.
I have everything in my mind.
The headlines, the content, the images everything.

I sit down, write few paras and then I’m like : “Oh it’s too much…”

I accept I’m a bit lazy, so what is the best time to write so that you don’t take break soon.
I mean, I could never sit for long.
Not even when I’m studying for my exams.

I’m always like, I read or write for 15 minutes and then… bye bye.

Update: Why did I post this? :joy:

(Prashant R) #2

why not write the post in gap of time interval? write for 10 minutes…save it draft…write later again…this way you can do it ")

(Shashank Shekhar) #3

I do exactly this with the exception that my “write again later” time comes too late.
See I have 3 drafts and till now my site has just one post.

I’ve been getting nice traffic on that 1 post, but it’s declining so I need to publish again, asap.

Anyone tried yoga, and all? Does it helps in concentrating?

(Abhishek Pathak) #4

My internal clock says my creative time is after 12:30 AM. I can literally do anything from speaking fluent English to designing an awesome UI. But that just lasts for about an hour and then my interest mitigates, resulting in a sound sleep in next 15 minutes.

Well, my writing part isn’t good enough (makes me jealous seeing yours :heart_eyes: ). So I put my time into designing and stuff. I just want to be a good web developer, who can code anything of my own (without copy pasting any code snippet).

I am just here to see how people keep themselves busy and what are they doing extra than rest of the world - and honestly, all of it impresses me - and prominently your skills.

So, all I want to say is find your creative time and unleash your full potential.

(Shashank Shekhar) #5

She should read your post. lol.

My words, exactly.

Short and sweet : You have a good future ahead.
Happy valentine week. Can’t say more…

Waiting for your design’s completion.
Thanks for the needed motivation.
Off to writing again. :kissing_heart:

(Abhishek Pathak) #6

I hope the same for you dude.

The design is completed on localhost. Now I am arranging funds for deploying it live. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shashank Shekhar) #7

I really hope some day I’ll be good enough with css to design anything at least half as good as devstreak. Love the design… (I wanted to borrow it, but thought it would be too much. lol :P)…

By the way, you need to str_replace won’t with don’t in your author bio. :slight_smile:

(Abhishek Pathak) #8

As I said, my writing sucks. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for informing bro. I will update(author_bio) it. LOL

Come on, that’s not even near a good design. The Design is ripping off on that site.

I am starting a fresh journey now with this niche blog. Hope it brings some cash for parties. :smiley:

(Derek Price) #9

I have a short attention span and work around it.

I start a blog post and write about 2 paragraph’s … insert links as needed and save it. The next day I may start a new blog post in the same fashion.

The following day or few days later I end up completing both when I actually have free time to do nothing but write. When I am writing the whole blog post, I close my outlook and messengers so nothing will distract me. No “DING” for new emails and no one IMing me with stupid questions (mostly family members).

This method has worked for me for years as I work around my short attention span but do start a few blog posts so when I do come back to write the whole thing, I have at least 2 paragraphs done to jog my memory and motivate me to finish it.

(Ravi Kumar) #10

You should change writing time. Do you most popular blogger write and publish their post in early morning. So you can try.

(Vinit Patil) #11

I would recommend.u to go outdoors on places like beach , garden , etc and then write ur post.

(Shashank Shekhar) #12

Sounds interesting. Worth trying. Thanks

(Raghu Rao) #13

I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed in the mornings. So I write when I get up and I do all my writing early mornings. You just have to figure out what works for you by trying multiple things. I suggest one of the best ways to get back to writing is by not writing for some time and by letting your mind rejuvenate in the process… Give it a few days… You will come back stronger.
Also, my friend if you are passionate enough about what you want to write, then you will get to it automatically. So, perhaps you will have to choose what interests you first? :slight_smile:

(Andi Lim) #14

I would suggest you to take some break that’s what I do when I feel exhausted in writing. There’s no specific time on when I will write articles.

(Harsh Agrawal) #15


I usually prefer writing in the morning when my mind is fresh. At times I do write through out the days but I ensure that I don’t open sites like Facebook, my phone is on airplane mode or anything else that doesn’t distract me.

One technique that helps me the most is Pomodoro technique. Set 3-4 blocks of time for writing & that time don’t do anything else but writing.

(iqbal) #16

As i am doing job. So i don’t have time to write in morning. So i feel comfortable to write in night after dinner.
That time i feel peace.

(Yashovardhan) #17

I normally write at night. On my mobile just before sleep. I’ve other reasons why I prefer writing at that time (studies!!!) but then I’ve noticed that that’s the best time to write! I can write as much as I want and just go to sleep when I can’t write anymore.
I don’t write after waking up but you could try that as well, as some of the best ideas struck me in the morning while still at bed!

(Shirish Kk) #18

Generally, I don’t see for particular time! Whenever I have interest I will take 70% of the time on researching and 30% of the time for writing…
However, if you are a full-time blogger you will get a lot of time but you can’t spend time as a part time blogger since we may felt nervous :slight_smile:

(Shashank Shekhar) #19

You guys totally pumped me up…
Thanks a lot to each one of you.

(FforFree) #20

Change your heading to "Need Motivation to right ? "