Best backlink tool

(Subhrangshu Adhikary) #1

Are there any SEO tool available which will let me export data of all relevant sites.
Like I used the keyword “dog’s food” And it will find all similar relavant links that says something about dog’s food. And alongside in CSV file there should be all contact emails found on that site.

Are there any such tool available?

(Shafi Khan) #2

I don’t think any such tool exists. Especially for the email part.

(Subhrangshu Adhikary) #3

It does. I was using SpyFu. In one of their video tutorial they displayed.

(Shafi Khan) #4

I don’t have any experience with SpyFu. If someone else have used it, they’ll help you :smiley:

(The Skinny Boy) #5

You can try this one…