(August 2018) Google AdSense Earnings 💵 and Discussion?


The whole thing is very bad. I thought my site SEO Plugin is the cause. Google never index any of my August post. Traffic drop so bad, Google doesn’t count clicks, the counted ones has very low CPC.
What’s going on?


My Adsense Earnings in July last week + August First week = Totally Damaged :grin:


My site was also damaged by the recent Google update. But today I see a good traffic just like July 31st.

Here is the screenshot comparing to yesterday’s total traffic.


Traffic Drop to 20 % :sleepy:
Adsense earning dropped to 1/3 :cold_sweat:


Yesterday’s statistics…
Total Page Views: 32,258
Total Earnings: US$12.77
Impressions: 1,13,443
Clicks: 571
Page CTR: 1.77%
Impression CTR: 0.5%
CPC: 0.02$
Page RMP: US$0.40
Impression RMP: US$0.11

100% Organic Traffic and 90% Mobile device traffic
Lowest RPM so far


@Nobita What about today’s Adsense.


Is things are recovering now?


Good here…


lost 15%:small_red_triangle_down: traffic and 25%:small_red_triangle_down: earnings


My earning increased by 50% . But from last some days google is not indexing my post.
well, i am new here. Can someone please tell me about creating new thread because i can’t see any option


For India AdSense is Dead
Pray for AdSense


Hi guys, this new AdSense changes has resulted to clicks not updating. Its called AdSense frozen, a kind of system error from the team. Your revenues are not lost, you get it back once error is fixed. In the main time use Analytic to track real number of clicks and revenue. I just did mine and I realize I’m not losing a dim


Adsense this month is very bad. How the ■■■■ will i pay employees salary? Ctr dropped to 0.5%; earnings dropped by one third.


RIP Adsense for the August month. My ctr dropped too