(August 2018) Google AdSense Earnings 💵 and Discussion?


Here we go! August is here and it’s time to discuss the earnings.

July [ 2018 ] Adsense Earnings And Report

It’s BAD.


August Update killed my earnings.


We should keep our mindset up even if we are not earning much.
The thing is bad times teach us, how to be even better in all terms when the time is bad, so that it can make you a fortune in all times.


My earning decreased by 50%


Not Growing… decrease day by day. Some days are good, but most of the days are totally very bad. What is the Actual reasons!! Why google pay less revenue for Indian traffic?


Earnings down!! The new update hit me hard. I don’t understand how some sites which are spinning content are ranking better.

I tried to run and experiment to see which of my post would rank better. One of my post had 1200 words original detailed content while the other had 300 spinned content.

After a day the 1200 one ranked on the fifth page while the spinned content was on the third postion of the first page.

I don’t know what google wants.


traffic dropped by what %?


Around 45%


omg, how come? :open_mouth:


God knows what changes google made to their algorithm.

As i said the spinned content is ranking better.

And there is nothing i can do but hope to recover soon. Blogging is no way reliable seriously google can fk you up anytime unless you have backlinks from giants. :joy:


It’s bad here as well


The Update is still rolling out. I am seeing some aggressive Dance in rankings. We have to wait for dust to settle.


Lets wait for a week or 2 and see the results


That 300-words post might have high-quality backlinks.


I wrote both of them on the same day. They are fresh.


New Update Hit me hard. 60% traffic and Revenue Loss… My US CPC fully Down. Any chance to get normal days please tel me guys


There is nothing you can do but keep on writing. Eventually maybe new updates will push your rankings back up.

My CPC is normal but because of traffic drop i have gone from $500 a day to $300


I am earning money with a deleted site. Adsense glitch/bug/problem.


Well Seriously?