Any one going to Google’ s event India App Summit 2018

(Anoop Kumar Vaishya) #1

Hello friends,
Google’ s event India App Summit 2018 is on 29th may 2018. I got invitation email . Any one here got it . The event is in Bangalore. If any one going to Bangalore or he is from Bangalore please tell.
See here

(FforFree) #2

is there registration cost or free ?

(Anoop Kumar Vaishya) #3

It is free but only for that who got invitation email from Google

(FforFree) #4

oh thats good free 5 star food and merchandise…

(Anoop Kumar Vaishya) #5

I’m from lucknow which is more than 2000 km away from Bangalore :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

(DarShan Pandya) #6

I’m goin :smiley:

(Anoop Kumar Vaishya) #7

Where are you from

(DarShan Pandya) #8

I’m from Amravati, Maharashtra :slight_smile:

(Sanjeev Tiwari) #9

i stay in Bangalore, i also wanna attend the Meetup :frowning: But i never received any email

(Pradeep Behera) #10

hello guys, I’ve got invitation and I’m going there. Whatsapp me on 9489566194 , lets go together. I’m from Bhubaneswar, Odisha

(Saksham Kumar) #11

How many people you can take with you?? :thinking: