Any Full Time Affiliate Marketers?

(Varun Sharma) #1

Is there anyone on this forum who is doing full-time blogging and earning from Affiliate marketing?

I am currently doing part-time affiliate marketing via my blog but very interested to go full-time in the next 1-2 years.

Anyone who can share their inspirational story, what route they took to go full-time, how much time it took them. What challenges they faced in the starting…

Anyone who can share best practices and help newcomers in affiliate marketing field so that newcomers can learn from experienced people mistakes…

(Shouter) #2

Well, Varun,
Harsh Agrawal (owner), is full-time blogger and affiliate marketer.
He has explained each and everything about his journey on the blog and affiliate marketing pro in his eBook which you can get here:

(Varun Sharma) #3

Thank you Moderator. Ofcourse Harsh is a champion and pioneer in this field but I am more interested to know if there is anyone else on this platform who has reached a level where they are doing this full time…

(myilraj) #4

I am doing full time Blogging Business since 1st JAN 2016.
On 31-12-2015, I quit my job and begun my new life (MY OWN LIFE) on the first day of the new year 2016. :grinning::grinning: