Any Amazon AWS User? How To implement SSL And Redirect from HTTP://?


I know how to do it in normal Cpanel. But Amazon AWS is a cloud-based and can’t see where the source files are.

Can someone tell me:-

  1. How to implement https:// on Amazon AWS?
  2. How to implement proper SEO friendly redirect from http:// to https:// in Amazon AWS?
  3. Is there an additional fee involved?

Last time I did a 301 redirect to one of my sites when moving from http:// to https:// but I still lose search engine position and rankings.


Which CMS you are using on this Amazon AWS server? WordPress or something else?


Wordpress is the CMS


If you have not purchased any SSL from anywhere.
Just configure Cloudflare in between for DNS.
No additional fee is included.
Install two plugins:
Really Simple SSL and SSL insecure content fixer.


How can you configure Cloudflare on Amazon AWS?


You might have pointed your domain name to AWS? right?
Just signup for Cloudflare, add your domain name, and the rest of the steps you will be visually guided by their instructions.
You have to point your domain name to Cloudflare first by adding the name servers of Cloudflare into your domain management settings or simply in the DNS settings panel provided by your domain provider.
Then you have to add records in Cloudflare’s DNS settings to point it your AWS server.


Are your running your site on a EC2 Instance ?

Https:// implementation is nothing but installation of a authority signed SSL certificate. AWS has nothing to do with it. If you don’t want to use Cloudflare you can install lets-encrypt.


Exactly AWS has nothing special to do with it. If not using Cloudflare can be used.