Affiliate related query


Hi shouters! hope you are doing well my query is regarding affiliate marketing is it neccessry we can put affiliate link only on website means if we share link on social media like whatsapp,facebok so affiliate will be work or not?we get a commission or not?


It will definitely work. Though social media sites add their own cloaked URL but don’t worry as the clocked URL is pointing only to the affiliate URL, you will get commission if someone buy via visiting that link.


Check individual affiliate terms and conditions. I know amazon does not allow.


TOS of the various company may matter. By the way it works.


Hi Moderator, I couldn’t locate how to ask question in the forum. My question is in connection to affiliate marketing


Click on +New Topic at the Top right of the page.
Then a window will open like shown in the screenshot.
Type the topic, Category and Message.


It works with other affiliates but not Amazon. Amazon will ban you if you use their links on FB, whatsapp or other social media. But you can create links on your blog and then share those links no social media to divert traffic. It will be legitimate in that case…