AdSense earning drop from April

(Swadesh Kumar Gayen) #1

Hello friends,

My site Earning 50% drop this month. I can not understand this reason. Anyone tell me, what’s reason?

(The Devil) #2

Google Updates at the end of March.

(Rohan Kumar) #3

same here bro …

(Moderator) #4

We all are in same boat :slight_smile:

(Professional Blogger) #5

No, ocean same but boats different :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Professional Blogger) #6

I am in an almost stable boat :rofl:

(harish kumar) #7

Hi Friends, Am I safe. Last two days, my CTR was more than 2%.
I am feared about this… :hushed::hushed:

(Professional Blogger) #8

Don’t have fear, you have a very less number of clicks and 2-3 clicks can change your CTR.

(Mr Hola) #9

yes ! earnings is almost half then march’s earnings

(Mr Hola) #10

ctr decreased…
pageviews and cpc also

(Mohammed Anzil) #11

Same here.

(Anoop Kumar Vaishya) #12

My earning dropped 70%

(Vishwajeet Kumar) #13

I have quit Adsense and stick with affiliate marketing. :slight_smile:

(Arshi) #14

14% drop in earnings.

(Balamukunda Sahu) #15

Here it’s less then 10% till today.

@Arshi what about traffic in April.

(Arshi) #16

Traffic is more or less same.

(Moderator) #17

traffic better here, and earnings worse. Fair enough.

(FforFree) #18

Dont worry Google anywaz is minting good money out of its hard working publishers