Adsense Auto Ads & Manually Ads

(Swadesh Kumar Gayen) #1

AdSense Auto Ads or Manually Ads, Which is better right now? Plz give your useful Opinion.

(JioH) #2

I will prefer the Manually Ads. ‘Auto ads’ increase load time a little bit more with so many ads.

(Shouter) #3

AdSense Auto Ads and Manual Ads, both will have different benefits in a different scenario. It completely depends on upon you what to choose.
You have to AB test Manual Ads and AdSense Auto Ads and have to check which works the best for you. I recommend you to try Auto Ads at least for 2 months to see good results.
Well, we’ve already discussed a bit more on this topic here:

(Swadesh Kumar Gayen) #4

Can i use manual ad and auto ads together on blogger site?

(JioH) #5

The short answer is NO.

(Shouter) #6

Well the answer is no. But I have experimented and have seen they both actually work together sometimes.
Google says that when auto ads enabled it takes control over all existing ad units but what I have seen is all the existing ad units + ad units created by Auto Ads, both are displayed.

(Peter) #7

Yes you can. I’m using it without having any problem. Both ads are showing.